In the Royal Irish Yacht club on Thursday 8th March at 19.00, Hal Sisk will launch a high quality new Irish publication which already has been described as “the yachting book of a generation”.

After 20 years of research, author Martin Black’s “G L Watson - The Art and Science of Yacht Design” is a gloriously illustrated account of the life and work of the greatest yacht designer of the Golden Age of Yachting. And all in the social history of the time, with delightful pen pictures of the colourful clients, from Lipton to the Keiser, to the “Bernie Madoff” of the era, and American tycoons and their giant steam yachts.  Dunraven and his “Valkyries”, America’s Cup challengers of course, yet Watson’s first racing yacht clients were from Dublin and Cork.

From the people who brought you “The Traditional Boats of Ireland”, Gary MacMahon’s team at Copper Reed Studio in Limerick have done justice to the Martin’s text with a superb book design. 

“Majestic”, “Stops all work in the house”, “Fantastic and extraordinary”, “Rewrites the history of yacht design, and the America’s Cup” are some of the initial reactions. 

Hal will be showing some of the never before published images, and a special treat: a unique yachting film clip from 1899.

It is not in the bookshops, available only online from so come and join us to celebrate the launch of this ground breaking masterpiece, destined to become a treasured classic.   
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