The ISA EGM was held in the Royal Marine Hotel on Saturday the 11th of February to revise the club affiliation fees and voting structures. Please see below for further details.

The first motion to restructure the subscription rates and affiliation fees was carried by 80%. 
• FOR - 8,761 votes
• AGAINST - 2,103 votes 
• ABSTAIN - 96 votes

The second motion that Article 6(b) be amended to allow for reference to a Category 4 Club was carried unanimously.

The third motion to change the title of Joint Membership Scheme to Club Affiliation was carried unanimously.

The fourth special resolution to alter the voting structures was adjourned and will be represented at the 2013 ISA AGM. ISA Members present felt they did not have sufficient information to cast their vote. The ISA will ensure its members are adequately informed on the topic prior to the 2013 AGM.

Scrutineers: John Crebbin and Simon Coate.

The ISA welcomed the very constructive feedback presented by its members at the EGM we look forward to continuing the discussion at the ISA conference and AGM to be held in the Royal Marine Hotel on 3rd March. See full programme on

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The ISA EGM being held to revise the club affiliation fees and voting structures is to be held in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, on Sat 11th of Feb, 2012, at 11.00hrs.

In accordance with article 35 of the ISA Articles of Association, the ISA Board of Directors have asked to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of ISA members in order to propose a revised membership fee structure.

As you may be aware a working group has been reviewing the Joint Membership Scheme for Category 1 Clubs with the aim of making the system simpler, more transparent and equitable whilst at the same time not increasing the relative JMS income to the ISA.

This EGM is being called to allow the revised structure, if passed, to be implemented for 2012 membership fees. An explanation can be downloaded below.

2nd notice of EGM

Notes on the JMS review process

JMS Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed Changes to Memo and Arts.
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