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01/09/2012 23:47
The first thing I find is that its very bleak on this forum .That makes me wonder if we are taking the opportunity given to us by our hosts to interact and pass on information news and all sorts of *scuttlebutt*to each other and guests. This is most likely the first port of call for potential visitors from abroad.
We have not had a great summer season and many have not taken their boats off the mooring this year . But It bodes fairly well that the autumn season will be a lot more stable. So there will hopefully be a lot more activity on the broad and open main.
Skerries Sailing Club have had some good shows with their race meets .Nothing is more uplifting for the beach walkers and tourists than to see sailing boats on the waters around our wonderful coastline.
This is my first thread on this forum and it admittedly feels like a message in a bottle . Fate and the tide will bring it I know not where but with any luck it will reach out to  you and perhaps prompt a good reaction.

On the darker side there is ,due to the wet summer,a lot of mildew growing on furled jibs.So how is this to be prevented and cured .So far it seems that a light rub with a softish scrubbing brush with a drop of *Fairy*in the water shifts it without removing the sail coating . Has anyone come across a good solution to this problem .?.
  So for now easy seas and safe havens.
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