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19/02/2014 11:16
ISA Instructor and coach qualifications are valid for 3 years after which they need to be revalidated, either by upgrading to a higher qualification or attending a revalidation workshop.
What are the core skills, competencies and knowledge that are valued in ISA Instructors?
What actions can be taken to ensure Instructors maintain or develop these core competencies?
Is the current revalidation process appropriate to this task?
Are there obstacles, frustrations and bottlenecks being experienced?
How can the ISA improve this process?

Alternatively you can contact the Training Advisory Group directly by emailing isatrainingadvisorygroup@gmail.com

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20/02/2014 16:34
Hi Rachel - thanks for setting up this forum, it's a handy way for someone who finds it difficult to attend ISA briefings/workshops. 

I am not very well versed in the costs and time involved in revalidation but I have found it very difficult to find SIs or advanced instructors. There seems to be a real scarcity of available people at the higher levels and I suspect that the current revalidation requirements are part of that problem. I know that we lose a lot of potential candidates every year to summer working opportunities overseas but the choice between 3 months in Florida versus 3 in Ireland plus the hassle and expense of revalidation is one that makes things very difficult to a junior organiser trying to put a team together for a summer junior course. 

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25/02/2014 20:56
3 year validation for an instructor qualification is too short in my opinion. 5 is more reasonable.
There are some evident values in the re-validation process but I think it should be more flexible. Any of the instructor trainers on the panel should be able to revalidate the qualifications they are trained in. I also think that it would probably suit a lot of centres to "invite" a trainer for a day and to revalidate their staff' qualifications that way.
 As for the contents of the 2 days, perhaps introduce clinics for the "next level", to empower people to progress in their chosen activity.

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27/02/2014 10:43
I'd agree with Eleonore there in that 3 years can be quite a short time period. Worth discussing the possibility of extending it to 5 years.

I think 2 days is ok. 1 day for assessment on personal skills and 1 day for working on the teaching skills, updates to syllabus, planning for personal development and further training and obtaining qualifications. 

As for the booking for it. Surely it would save the ISA (Nuala) an awful lot of time and hassle if training centres were allowed to just book a weekend through the ISA and have a trainer assigned to them for it. Pay the full amount to the ISA and then the centre worries about filling the course itself, either with it's own instructors or instructors from the surrounding area.

I'm sure some people are concerned that this may turn into a profit making scheme if it went this root, but with the right agreements in place the cost of the course would be the same or very similar around the country. If a centre has 6 instructors that require revalidation they should be able to book a course and trainer with the ISA, pay the fee and then try and fill the remaining places if they can, or wish to. And/or allow the ISA office to advertise the course and fill the places remaining with the cost going to the centre to cover cost of running.

Allowing centres operate this way would result in more revalidation courses running around the country, therefor making these courses more accessible and frequent for instructors requiring revalidation. It would also help to cut down on the amount travel that some instructors have been forced to make to attend revalidation courses. This adds cost and time to the courses for participants, making it a real hassle. 

In short - More revalidation courses running, less admin time for ISA, less travel for a lot of instructors = everyone's a winner. 
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27/02/2014 22:55

I personally agree about the extension to 5 years should be looked at and I welcome the support from the views above about the value of checking in on people sailing ability and background knowledge just to keep the pencil sharpened and it's a good way to catch up on developments. The second day clinic is cool and can really be tailored to everyone's needs so the group decides what's covered and the group works around the day so everyone learns from each other with some guidance.

I think a panel of trainers that can be more available throughout Ireland and more flexible to the industries needs and time limits would be very welcome.

My last view is for the Multi Disciplined Instructor - like myself and many other outdoor instructors relying on qualifications for our careers. While revalidating allows my other quals to be revalidated for 1 more year it basically means with my windsurfing power boating and emergency care quals I have to come back every year to revalidate. With an awful lot of repetition, I cant see the necessity or value of being treated the same as a person with one qualification that might be just doing some part time instructing during the summer. I suggest there should be a specific revalidation for career multi disciplined instructors that they do an integrated reval mid week out of season if more suitable to the industry and that they get a clean sweep of all quals revalidated for 5 years. CPDs within the industry will facilitate personal instructor advancements, but this integrated one stop revalidation should be looked at please.

and bring back the instructors conference please.....

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