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We have piles of Women's Slim Fit Buffs here to send out to you to give to your clients as prizes at your WOWI event this year.  
When you register your WOWI event on our web site we will -
  • Promote the event on our WOWI Facebook
  • Add the event to our WOWI web site
  • Prepare a gallery for promotion of event pictures for post event promotion - for web site and facebook
  • Email you the event logos to help you create your own posters and media promotions and direct you to the local media listings for your Press Release.
Send you a parcel of -
  • 6 Women's Slim Fit Buffs, DVD's on how to wear your buff, Buff mobile wipes and stickers (first come first served)
  • Action Breast Cancer and Cancer Society balloons;
  • Printed PR Tool kit to help you make the most of your event.

In turn we just ask you to send us some pictures of people wearing the Buffs, and let us know how many attended, to make the sponsors happy and hopefully join our initiative again in 2015.

Why have a WOWI event?   This initiative is to encourage more ladies and girls to Get on Board and help you boost your participation levels.  Linking your event to Action Breast Cancer gives you the pull to inspire a whole new market place of women to come and join in the fun for a good cause, gives you the opportunity to raise some funds for a great charity close to many peoples hearts AND gives the club a super PR opportunity before and after the event.
Here are a few ideas -
  • Ladies Regatta Day - everyone in pink, at least one lady on board;
  • Women's Powerboat Training Course - women can feel intimidated on mixed powerboat training;
  • Get the Girls Day - encourage your members to all invite a female friend, family member, colleague to join them for a day of celebration sailing
  • Women's Wednesdays, Mums on Mondays - get the mums out on the water
  • Charity Ladies Series - dedicate one of your existing events to the ladies and Action Breast Cancer, raise funds, invite the ladies and plenty of fun.

So lets make 2014 a bumper year to Get the Girls to Get on Board and register your event nowto receive the goodies.
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