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Sail Spree
is just around the corner and we want to help you get new sailors through the door on the day. All Sail Spree events registered before the deadline will receive a personalised targeted Facebook ad campaign, funded and managed by the ISA.

Sail Spree is Ireland's National Sailing Weekend and a chance for your organisation to open it's doors and welcome new sailors to come and have a try. Offer it for free or charge a small fee.  

Having your open day on Sail Spree weekend gives your organisation the support of a national and regional PR campaign. As with any promotional campaign, we need to hit the potential sailor from all angles, so we recommend you plan your own local campaign and will forward on a PR Tool Kit and media listings as soon as you have registered your event. "Sail Spree - Sail Free" is a great tag line for your PR campaign.

We need you to register your Sail Spree event now so we can launch our PR campaign and Facebook ad campaign. Please go to www.sailspree.iand register before 5th April 2014.  If  you only have rough details of your plans, please just register your organisations name and basic details for now, so we can get you on the map asap and you can forward detailed information later.

Sail  Spree is just one of a number of initiatives and support available.  See the presentation given at the Development Forum of this years conference.

Dave Ballesty of Wicklow Sailing Club gave a great performance on how the initiatives of Sail Spree, Sail Fleet and Cara na Mara helped the club to gain more sailors and members.   

Remember - each of these initiatives are here to help you increase participation.  Here are a few tips to help make yours a success -
  • Plan what your target market is - e.g. more youths, more adults, more training courses, more crew.
  • Ensure your committee and members are fully supportive of your event - you MUST believe.
  • Take the email of each participant, so you can follow up with news of the next event.
  • Send the participant home with an offer - a reason to come back and something they can show their friends and family.
  • See if you can get them to sign up to your facebook page on the day.
  • Have a welcome reception on duty to take care of the family waiting while the sailors are out having fun

Happy Sailing.
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