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A massive thanks has to go out to Noel Davidson of Mediagasmic and Eddie English of Sail Cork for giving such informative presentations on Social Media at the conference.

Firstly, Noel Davidson shared some of is knowledge and enthusiasm for Social Media and how you can use it to promote your organisation, with a few "Dos and Donts".  There was far too much covered for me to summarise here, but here a few pointers -
• Decide if Facebook is right for your business / personal profile.  
• Secure your company name  - need to have 25 fans or more - to secure company name.  
• Use a “Hook” - Something of interest but relevant to your business. 
• Use Video, Audio, Images on your Wall updates. 
• Add events and ask followers to “Pass to everyone you know” 
• Use a “Like” button on your web site - Follow me on Facebook  

His full presentation is available here.

Eddie English then followed with a presentation of how he is making Sail Cork's facebook page work for them in creating literally thousands of views - .  Eddie's daily weather report and watched all over the world :)  A combination of historic pictures, video, weather and information gives the browser a good reason to stay faithful to his facebook.   Take a look at Eddies presentation.

Thanks again lads.
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