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The Regional Development Officers have visited over 15 clubs and training centres this month, in between desk bound reseach & report writing. Here are a few of the initiatives they have assisted with -
  • Code of Ethics Training
  • Planning for Disabled Sailing 2014
  • WOWI initiatives
  • WOWI Action Breast Cancer Launch
  • Coastal infrastructural development
  • Sail Fleet deliveries
  • Fuel duty research
  • Malin Waters project
  • Social Media advice
  • Employment advice
If you would like any assistance or advice for your club or centre, contact us directly.

As we recover from an amazing summer clubs are already getting ready for next summer and asking the RDO's to schedule training.  This month Ciaran has already run an Emergency Care revalidation, code of Ethics good Practice and Centre Principal Orientation.  Do remember we can offer the following -
  • Centre Principal Orientation for any new CP's.
  • Basic Awareness of Code of Ethics Good Practice for Children's sports.
  • Cara na Mara Training to prepare you and / or  your instructors for next years season of little ones.
  • Coaching People with Disabilities.
We can also help team up with other local clubs in your area to get the numbers up to not only make these courses practical to run, and to help with joint initiative projects.

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